fdbg for AMD64 is assembler level debugger for user-mode (ring3) binary applications, running in long mode (64-bit) - Windows and Linux versions. Version for UEFI x64 is also available.

Supported platforms:

Windows Version is GUI based.

Linux version is command line based (console) and doesn't need any library to run so it doesn't matter what Linux distribution you use.

UEFI version is command line based.

fdbg project was started to help in debugging programs written in assembler to everybody who feels the power of assembler

  • it is written in Flat Assembler and source files are included
  • its syntax is similar to FASM
  • it supports debug symbols and you can find some tricks in included help how to debug without symbols
  • it is suitable for everybody who tries to create his/her first program written in assembler
  • it has some features and power for experienced users too
  • it is very small
  • hypervisor based projects - info

  • hypervisor based ring3 debugger
  • hypervisor based memory analysis tools - stopping ring3 process and dumping its virtual memory (both ring3 as well ring0 virtual memory), stopping all ring3 processes and dumping the whole physical memory
  • hypervisor based virtual memory protection - principle and forum